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Daily Guided Dive Trips & More

Enjoy a wide┬ávariety of scuba diving activities, from our daily guided dive trips to our professional PADI courses. With options for complete beginners to seasoned veterans there is something for everyone, whether you simply want to snorkel or take your diving education to the next level. If you are looking for a challenge don’t forget to inquire about our technical diving options!

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Scuba divers swimming over a beautiful coral reef in Antigua

Recreational Diving

We offer the widest variety of recreational diving activities in Antigua, with options for first timers who want to experience the world of diving with our Discover Scuba Diver (DSD) programs, to people who need more diving in their life and want to take a PADI Open Water Diver certification. For divers who are already certified, our guided trips provide great dive site options with a truly well organised experience the ensures your dive trip is run smoothly with a focus on guest experience. Our instructors provide insightful and detailed briefings that allow you to truly appreciate the sites you dive at.

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  • Divers who have not been diving for 2 years will be required to do a refresh dive. Please contact us before booking.

Our more experience divers will also find a wide array of options including night diving, deep diving and advanced PADI courses that include Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Divemaster certifications. For more information on all courses we offer, browse our courses page.

Guided Dives

What makes diving with us unique, is our level of profesionalism and organisation. DiveCarib prides itself on guest experience (read our trip advisor reviews for more) and Guided Dives are our opportunity to truly allow our guests to get the most out of their scuba diving experience.

Dive trips begin with introduction and an old fashioned get-to-know-you customer service followed by gear fittings. We have exceptionally well maintained and serviced scuba gear that helps you stay comfortable underwater. This is usually followed by a day plan briefing from our lead instructor, Leigh Cunningham, which covers our plan for the trip, what activities we will be doing, what we might see, and how long it should all take. After climbing on the boat, and skill refreshers are run through before we head out.

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  • Divers who have not been diving for 2 years will be required to do a refresh dive. Please contact us before booking.
Scuba Divers relaxing on a dive boat after a guided dive trip in Antigua

The boat ride itself is part of the experience with so much to see from the water, giving you another viewpoint to truly admire this beautiful island. Upon arriving to each dive site, a thorough briefing on the site itself is conducted, where we go over the plan for the dive including our descent and ascent procedures, the layout and typography of the site, its unique history or how it was discovered, and any other information that is special to the site including the type of marine life you may see there.

Finally the dive itself is guided by our qualified staff, who know where to find the interesting marine life, and make sure that you are able to cover the best parts of any site in your dive. If this is your first time diving in Antigua, we highly recommend a dive trip to make sure you get the most of the sites you dive at.

A large part of a good dive trip is the overall experience. There is little point in doing a dive at a great site with guides who lack professionalism or experience. At DiveCarib, we have world class quality of both.

Technical Scuba Diver swimming in deep water with full scuba kit on

Technical Diving

DiveCarib will be the first and only diving centre in Antigua to offer Technical Diving services. From the 1st October 2016 Technical Diver and Instructor Training through to intermediate levels and trips for certified divers will be available for entry level through to intermediate level (Extended Range & Entry level/Normoxic Trimix) divers.

Deeper Reefs and Wrecks that are unattainable to the recreational (non stop) diving community, will soon be part of our daily diving itinerary for certified technical divers and students during training.
DiveCarib will provide training, internationally recognised certification and logistical support for Decompression Diving to a maximum depth of 200fsw, initially.

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  • Divers who have not been diving for 2 years will be required to do a refresh dive. Please contact us before booking.

With logistical support including multi cylinder configurations, the use of Hogarthian style equipment and approach during training, equipment rental if required, Helium based breathing mixtures when require, decompression gasses through to pure O2, the possibility to explore the uncharted/unexplored deeper under water realm, will soon be possible, for the first time in Antigua.