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PADI Divemaster

If you are reading this page it’s because you are either interested in or planning on pursuing a career in scuba diving. The Divemaster program is the entry point to the leadership ranks of scuba divers, and one of the greatest accomplishments a diver can make. This program is only available to individuals who have the qualities to become a Divemaster, and simply being selected to take this program is a an achievement to be proud of.

This program is for individuals looking to make their mark in Scuba Diving, and be looked upon as a professional PADI diver. You will be qualified to guide dives, assists PADI instructors in training students, and open up a world of opportunities for yourself as there are many employers who have need of PADI Divemasters.

If you have a deep passion for not just diving, but the details of proper diving techniques and the willingness to help others learn, then this course is for you. As a PADI Divemaster, you will serve other divers, and be a role model to them as they continue their journey up the diving ranks.

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A PADI Divemaster swimming above a beautiful coral reef in Antigua

What Will You Learn?

The Divemaster course is more than just diving. By taking this program you are already a very highly qualified diver who should posess strong diving skills. This course not only teaches you how to truly master your diving skills and techniques, but introduces you to the teaching ranks of Scuba Diving and being a leader in the field.

You will learn about what it means to become a PADI Divemaster and the responsibilities that this role inherits, how to supervise and plan diving activites, how to assist PADI instructors with other diver training, become an expert on diver safety and the environment and master specialised skills and activites.

By the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and application skills you need to provide leadership and guidance to paying customers in all situations. You will establish yourself as a master of your field and be called upon to help other divers with questions, assistance and guidance.

How To Complete The Divemaster Program

To become a PADI certified Divemaster you need to apply to DiveCarib by contacting us with your application. We only accept individuals who demonstrate the qualities that are required for a PADI Divemaster candidate. This program can be demanding both physically and intellecutally. We only accept Divemaster students on an internship basis. How long it takes you to become a certified Divemaster will vary, however it will usually take about 2 months or more.

Certifying individuals as PADI Divemasters is a reflection on PADI and DiveCarib, and only those who show a true interest in the philosphies that shape the Divemaster profession will be accepted.

A collection of study materials for the divemaster program

Steps and guidance on how to complete this program will be broken down in detail for accepted candidates. You will be required to complete 9 knowledge reviews from the PADI Divemaster Manual, read and become familiar with serveral other PADI learning resoures and any other sources of information deemed necessary during training. Your training will be carried out both in and out of water, in one-on-one situations, while assiting paying customers and in simulated scenarios with DiveCarib staff. Your internship will require you to work with DiveCarib so that you can truly learn how a succesful Dive business is run, and how to peroperly serve PADI customers.

When your instructor has deemed succesful completion of all required activites, you will write the final Divemaster exam and become a certified PADI Divemaster. For those who apply, we wish you good luck and look forward to adding another member to the Divemaster ranks

Join the Ranks of Diving Leaders

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How Much Does A Divemaster Internship Cost?

The Divemaster program is broken into two sections. The first is your online e-learning knowdleg development, which is $225 for the Divemaster Manual and $125 for the Online Theory Encyclopedia both payable to PADI. The second portion is your actual Divemaster training program with DiveCarib which is $1250 payable to DiveCarib. All prices are in US $. All applicable taxes and fees are included; there are no hidden fees.

Why Trust Us With Your Scuba Diving Education?

Becoming a a PADI Divemaster takes a real commitment to your passion for scuba diving. This is not the type of program you want to take lightly and try get done as quickly as possible. When you are a Divemaster you are expected to be the professional customers need you to be, which requires you to really master the skills and knowledge necessary to guide other PADI divers. We take our commitment to our customers very seriously and hope all our Divemaster candidates do to. This is why you should be making sure your training is complete and profound. This is why the Divemaster program with DiveCarib is so thorough; because we produce the best.

Our head staff are two of the most experienced PADI professionals in the Caribbean. We have over 10 years of successful PADI dive center management, a diving world record holder, and over 40 years of collective professional PADI experience between us. This does not include what our other staff bring to the table. We have trained more students than we can count over the years through all levels of PADI certifications, and can be guaranteed to prepare you for a successful life as PADI Divemaster. We are the only independent 5 star PADI facility in Antigua, and credibility matters if you are considering investing your time in your education.

Real Mentors, Great Program

Having started my Divemaster program with Bryan and Leigh, I can honestly say I can’t think of any divecenter I would trust more. The training is simply excellent and I can see my progress day in and day out. I was nervous making the time commitment, but now I feel very confident in my future as a Diver.

Courtney Zorio