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Discover Scuba Diving

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program is an introductory dive & lesson that allows first time divers to try out scuba diving without having to commit to an open water course. This is a really great option if you don’t have the time or the money to take a PADI course but would like to try out diving on your vacation.

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How does it work?

The DSD program covers the essential underwater skills you need to know, but allows you to dive without worrying about the finer details and skills of being a scuba diver.

The day starts out with a briefing that covers the dive from start to finish. Once gear has been fitted, students will jump in the shallow water off the dock with their instructor, and perform elementary underwater skills they will need to learn to be comfortable underwater. This includes clearning water out of the mask and regulator. This is usually a very quick process, and once its complete we jump on the boat and head out to the dive site. The dive itself is controlled by the instructor, and all the student needs to do is relax, breathe and look around.

A typical PADI DSD program specifies a ratio of 4 divers to one instructor, however for maximum satisfaction, we only take two divers at a time. This allows our instructor to monitor all the finer points of managing your buoyancy and direction underwater, allowing you to truly just enjoy the environment.

How much does the DSD program cost?

The DSD program costs $145. If you enjoy your experience we highly recommend the open water course as a certified diver can get two dives for the same price as a DSD program.

Why trust us with your education?

We understand the real point of a first time dive. Our DSD programs are designed to ensure you maximize your enjoyment without having to focus on something you have just learned or not good at yet. The DSD program is not meant to feel like a course, and with us it doesn’t. DiveCarib brings together over 40 years of collective experience between Bryan and Leigh Cunningham, making us the most experienced dive facility in Antigua. Having run this course many times over, we know what it takes to deliver quality experiences that result in future passionate divers.

Great dive company – highly recommended

Leigh, who took care of our son, was very calm and put him at ease and we found him very professional. We’d definitely recommend this company and it’s just a shame that we didn’t do more dives.

sialianddan - (TripAdvisor)

An Incredible Experience!!!!

My brother and I completed the discover scuba diving course which was a great introduction to scuba diving for first time divers. I had experienced diving once before but Divecarib surpassed any prior contact with the wonderful world of scuba diving.

James J - (TripAdvisor)

First Dive Ever and Life Long Memory!

My first scuba dive could not have been better. Bryan and Leigh are very accomodating and very knowledgeable. Leigh picked us up from a local resort and drove us to DiveCarib.

Maria S - (TripAdvisor)

Amazing first scuba diving experience!!

Whilst I’ve hadn’t done any diving before, Leigh and Bryan did a great job making me feel at ease! I signed up for the ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course and, after going through some basic skills in shallow water, I was in 5meter depth water over a coral reef for around 40 minutes!

m1wk - (TripAdvisor)