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Boat Dive

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Special Packages Available: Save money by booking a 3, 4, 5, or 10-day package at checkout.

Prices are in US $

9AM Dive: Includes 2 dives
Certified Diver w/ Rental
Certified Diver no Rental
2PM Dive: Includes 1 Dive; Might Be Integrated With Refresher/Discover Session
Certified Diver w/ Rental
Certified Diver no Rental

Experience A Thrilling Scuba Dive in Antigua

Guided dive trips begin with an introduction to our facility and team, followed by a dive briefing covering all aspects of the trip.

After the dive briefing we board the boat, and elaborate on specific points regarding equipment for divers using our rental equipment, before a short boat ride to the dive site.

The boat ride is an experience in itself, with so much to see from the water, giving you another viewpoint to admire this beautiful Island.

Upon arrival at the dive site, divers kit up, and complete a predive safety check, before entering the water.

The cylinder type is aluminum S80 (11.2 litre) with a starting pressure of 3000 Psi (207 Bar); dive times are set at one hour, or a minimum end/surface pressure of 500 Psi (35 Bar).

A DiveCarib scuba instructor/divemaster, with extensive knowledge of the local underwater realm, guides all dives.

DiveCarib require all certified divers who have not been diving for a period of two years or more to complete a refresher dive before joining our certified diver trips. If you have had a period of ten years or more since your last scuba dive, you are advised to contact us before booking.