Advanced Open Water Diver Course

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Duration: Three to five days

Level: Certified divers

All the prices are in US $

Take your scuba diving skills to the next level with our advanced course.

The Advanced Open Water Diver certification is a result of completing five PADI adventure dives as stipulated in the Adventures in Diving program.

This program is designed to offer different experience and training options that range from simple introductions to more challenging experiences. As you make these dives, you develop skills that make diving more fun and versatile and expand the types of dives you can make.

If you are an open water diver and are looking for more exciting dives or a more unique diving experience, the Adventures in Diving program is a perfect fit for you, offering a wide variety of dive options that include deep dives, underwater navigation dives, underwater photography dives, search and rescue dives, peak performance buoyancy dives, and many more.

To complete the certification, you also need to pay $173 for the online e-learning payable to PADI.

  • Chevron down How to Complete the Advanced Open Water Course
  • To become a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete the Deep Dive and Underwater Navigator Dive, along with three other adventure dives of your choice under the supervision of one of DiveCarib’s certified instructors.

    Each adventure dive you take requires you to complete the knowledge review for that dive in the Adventures in Diving manual and have it signed by one of our instructors. You can get the e-learning material from the PADI website.

  • Chevron down How Much Does an Advanced Open Water Course Cost?
  • The Advanced Open Water Course is completed in two parts. First, you must complete the online e-learning portion with PADI, which costs $164. Then you complete your five adventure dives with DiveCarib, which cost $390 for the five-dive package.

    Note: Individual dive prices may be available for each adventure dive depending on availability. Please contact DiveCarib for more information. All prices are in US Dollars and include all applicable taxes and fees. There are no hidden fees.

  • Chevron down Why Trust Us with Your Scuba Diving Education?
  • DiveCarib is fully qualified to teach and supervise every adventure dive and diver specialties offered by PADI, with the exception of the Ice Diver. Being the most qualified PADI training facility on the island, you can rest assured that we have ample amounts of experience and guidance to help you find and master the underwater skills of your choice. Due to the experience of our lead instructor, Leigh Cunningham, who still holds a world record for deepest wreck dive and is a professional underwater photographer, we can confidently say we offer a world class service for adventure divers!