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Boat Dive

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Dollar Tip: Save on multiple days of diving when booking an AM Boat Dive! Make sure to add a 3, 4, 5, or 10-day package at checkout.

Experience A Thrilling Scuba Dive in Antigua

Explore the underwater world, see beautiful marine life, and have the adventure of a lifetime! Your experience is enhanced by our well-maintained gear, professional staff, and expert instruction.

Guided dive trips begin with an introduction and an old-fashioned get-to-know-you activity followed by gear fittings. Next, you get a day plan briefing from our lead instructor, Leigh Cunningham, who covers our plan for the trip, what activities we’re doing, what we might see, and how long it should all take. After climbing on the boat, we run through some skill refreshers before we head out.

The boat ride is an experience in itself with so much to see from the water, giving you another viewpoint to truly admire this beautiful island. Upon arriving at each dive site, we give you a site briefing, where we go over the plan for the dive, including our descent and ascent procedures, the layout and typography of the site, its unique history or how it was discovered, and the type of marine life you may see there.

The dive is guided by our qualified staff, who know where to find the interesting marine life and make sure that you are able to cover the best parts of any dive site.

If you have not been diving for two years, you are required to do a skill-refresh dive. Please call us before booking.