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PADI Open Water Diver

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Prices are in US $

*PADI eLearning

Whether you are brand new to diving or have done some entry-level, supervised dives and have decided that you want to experience more of the underwater world, the Open Water Diver course is perfect for you. This course opens up the doors for all future diving levels, allowing you to experience the great diversity of marine life that the underwater world has to offer.

The course is designed as a full entry-level certification that allows you to dive independently (within your limits) as a certified PADI Diver. Although many professional divers still prefer diving with a guide to get the best local diving experience, you can plan and organize your own dives wherever you travel with this certification.

After completing this course, you can feel confident that you are knowledgeable enough to procure your own air fills, scuba gear, and other diving services. Most of all, you can enjoy the benefits of being a certified PADI open water diver, which include lower costs for your diving activities.

In addition to the course price, you also need to pay $195* for the online e-learning, payable to PADI.
*Prices vary depending on country of residence.

Become a certified open water diver during your Antigua vacation!