Open Water Diver Course

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Start time: 8 a.m.

Duration: Three days

Level: Beginners

All the prices are in US $

Whether you are brand new to diving or have done some entry-level, supervised dives and have decided that you want to experience more of the underwater world, the Open Water Diver course is perfect for you. This course opens up the doors for all future diving levels, allowing you to experience the great diversity of marine life that the underwater world has to offer.

The course is designed as a full entry-level certification that allows you to dive independently (within your limits) as a certified PADI Diver. Although many professional divers still prefer diving with a guide to get the best local diving experience, you can plan and organize your own dives wherever you travel with this certification.

After completing this course, you can feel confident that you are knowledgeable enough to procure your own air fills, scuba gear, and other diving services. Most of all, you can enjoy the benefits of being a certified PADI open water diver, which include lower costs for your diving activities.

In addition to the course price, you also need to pay $185 for the online e-learning, payable to PADI.

Become a certified open water diver during your Antigua vacation!

  • Chevron down What You Learn
  • The Open Water course consists of three segments: knowledge development, confined water dives, and open water dives. The knowledge development section establishes the principles that allow you to have fun while diving safely. The fun begins in your confined water dives, where you apply diving principles and learn and practice standard diving procedures and skills that you need in order to plan and execute your own dives without the need for supervision. Finally, your open water dives bring together everything that you have learned and allow you to apply it in a real-world diving environment, which prepares you for a life full of future underwater experiences.

    By the end of this course, you become a fully self-sufficient diver with the knowledge to properly set up and use scuba diving equipment and enjoy a full dive in comfort and relaxation, all while ensuring that you don’t harm the aquatic life around you. This course opens up all future doors to more advanced diving options you may wish to follow if you find a passion for scuba diving. DiveCarib is excited to welcome you aboard the list of certified PADI divers.

  • Chevron down How to Complete the Open Water Course
  • To complete the open water course, students must take the online academics with PADI and then complete the in-water training with DiveCarib. To begin, we issue you a code for PADI e-learning. By using our e-learning link, we are able to track your progress and see how you are doing as well as assist with your learning. Once you have completed the online materials, you write an online exam with PADI, and upon successful completion, being your in-water training with us!

    When you arrive at DiveCarib facilities, we have you complete a quick quiz, and then we spend one day working on a knowledge review with confined water training. We then dedicate two days, each with two separate dives, to practicing and honing the skills you have learned. During these dives, we are able to determine whether you have successfully met the PADI requirements and grant you a PADI Open Water Certification.

  • Chevron down Why Trust Us with Your Scuba Diving Education?
  • DiveCarib brings together over 40 years of collective experience between Bryan and Leigh Cunningham, making us the most experienced dive facility in Antigua. Having run this course many times over, we have learned what it takes to not only produce successful open water divers but also ensure that they have an extraordinary amount of fun doing so and do it safely. There is a lot more to learning diving than just learning the principles; it’s about learning from others who can share their immense experience to help you appreciate the activity more than ever. We guarantee successful students take much more than just a certification with them upon completing the program.