Rescue Diver Course

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Duration: Three to five days

Level: Certified divers

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This certification is the first step to becoming a leader in the scuba diving world.

If you are considering a career in scuba diving, you are likely going to be required to become a PADI certified rescue diver. Along with being a prerequisite for becoming a certified divemaster, becoming a rescue diver is one of the most important and rewarding skills you can learn in your diving career.

Although the sport of diving has relatively low accident rates, the very nature of the activity does pose many risks, and sometimes small mistakes can lead to large problems.

Becoming a rescue diver equips you to not only deal with emergencies but also prevent them from occurring in the first place. This course makes you an invaluable asset to any team that requires someone of the scuba persuasion to join them. Being a rescue diver makes everyone around you more comfortable with the dive.

To complete the certifications, you also need to pay $179 for the online e-learning payable to PADI.

  • Chevron down What You Learn
  • In the PADI rescue diver course, you learn the fundamentals of how to think like a rescue diver and the techniques and strategies best suited for any given emergency you may face. You learn how to deal with issues that occur both underwater and on the surface, issues relating to panicked divers, or simply divers who are tired and need help, minor issues to life-threatening emergencies, and most of all how to make sure that everyone else including yourself remains safe in the event of an accident.

    Some of the core concepts that are covered include accident management, dealing with diver stress, emergency oxygen delivery systems and other first aid, underwater rescue techniques, common equipment problems and how to solve them, how to bring a diver in need of help to the surface and to the boat/shore as safely and efficiently as possible, and much more.

    This is the first step to becoming a leader in the scuba diving world.

  • Chevron down How to Complete the Rescue Diver Course
  • To become a certified PADI rescue diver, you are required to complete all the e-learning academics, which can be found on the PADI website. This includes five chapters, each of which requires you to complete a knowledge review, and a final multiple choice exam.

    In addition to your online learning, you participate and are trained in various rescue training exercises and successfully complete open water rescue scenarios under the guidance and supervision of DiveCarib instructors. You see examples of these in your e-learning material, each scenario and exercise is demonstrated by your instructor, and then you complete each exercise yourself.

    After your instructor has signed off on successful completion of all in-water activities, you become certified as a PADI Rescue Diver!

  • Chevron down Why Trust Us with Your Scuba Diving Education?
  • Becoming a rescue diver is not a course you take to say you’ve done it. This is a course with a serious purpose that happens to be fun to do. Due to its serious nature, however, you want to be trained by the best and most qualified teachers you can find, and at DiveCarib we have what it takes to prepare you for any foreseeable in-water emergency.

    Becoming a rescue diver is not about memorizing situations; it’s about learning how to think like a rescue diver and using the principles you learn in any situation you find yourself in. Our collective experience of being in those shoes over the course of 40 years makes us an excellent dive center for you to take this important step in your scuba diving career.