PADI Rescue Diver

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Duration: Three to five days

Level: Certified divers

All the prices are in US $

This certification is the first step to becoming a leader in the scuba diving world.

If you are considering a career in scuba diving, you are likely going to be required to become a PADI certified rescue diver. Along with being a prerequisite for becoming a certified divemaster, becoming a rescue diver is one of the most important and rewarding skills you can learn in your diving career.

Although the sport of diving has relatively low accident rates, the very nature of the activity does pose many risks, and sometimes small mistakes can lead to large problems.

Becoming a rescue diver equips you to not only deal with emergencies but also prevent them from occurring in the first place. This course makes you an invaluable asset to any team that requires someone of the scuba persuasion to join them. Being a rescue diver makes everyone around you more comfortable with the dive.

To complete the certifications, you also need to pay $184* for the online e-learning (desktop-only course) payable to PADI.
*Prices vary depending on country of residence.